Free Radicals - Why Are They Harmful To Your Health?

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You may have heard that free radicals are dangerous to your health. But what are they, and what exactly do they do to your body that can cause life threatening illness, and even death?

What Do They Do to Your Body?

Why Are Free Radicals Harmful To Your Health?

When we speak about free radicals we mean atoms, molecules, or ions that cause a chemical reaction in your body. They basically attack and damage other molecules that are present there.

The body is able to deal with some of these radicals naturally, but if excessive damage is caused, it can lead to severe illness and irreparable damage to your body.

Free radicals are seen as the cause of many illnesses including many cancers. Another unwanted change to the body that is attributed to radicals is DNA damage.

What Causes Excessive Free Radicals?

Free radicals can be caused by a number of factors including a poor diet. Fatty and sugary foods and drinks, junk food and processed food are just a few of the causes of free radicals. Smoking, pollution, radiation, and herbicides also cause excessive free radicals to form.

What Can You Do To Prevent This Damage?

There is scientific evidence that reducing damage caused by radicals can reduce effects of aging and extend your lifespan. Antioxidants neutralize the effect of radicals to prevent them from harming your body. Antioxidants are found in many fruits and vegetables and vitamins C and E and B12 have particularly high antioxidant properties.

So it makes sense to eat healthy and avoid junk foods, smoking and herbicides. Of course, it is impossible to avoid all free radicals, as things like pollution will always be a problem. So making sure you eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods makes sense.

Getting enough antioxidants in your diet, to neutralize free radicals can be quite a challenge. The trouble is, many fruits and vegetables have higher antioxidant properties than others, and the most effective ones are those that are difficult to obtain, and perish quickly. For example, blueberries are an amazing source of antioxidants but they perish so quickly that you would have to go out and buy them every day.

Taking an anti aging supplement that offers a massive antioxidant content is regarded as an easy and less time consuming solution. Choosing the right supplement will help protect your body against free radicals, and the irreversible damage they cause.

Feel free to contact me personally and I will tell you what helped me. I promise a prompt and honest answer.

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