Tocotrienols & Their Powerful Antioxidant Properties

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Anatto Bush

Tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants that are part of the Vitamin E family. They were only discovered in 1964, but it wasn’t until the early 1980s that their ability to reduce cholesterol was discovered. Today we know that they also protect against the damage to brain cells and help to prevent cancer.

Their antioxidant properties are far more powerful than Tocopherols, the antioxidant that is found in most Vitamin E foods and supplements. Not surprisingly its discovery was called a major breakthrough in natural health.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. It helps prevent many diseases including cancer and heart disease. Yet surveys indicate that 93% of the American population don’t consume enough Vitamin E in their diets.

Tocotrienols vs. Tocopherols

Recent studies have shown that tocotrienols are effective in preventing cancer and reducing cholesterol levels. They have the ability to lower the formation of tumors and prevent or reduce damage to DNA and cells. Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer: scientists have found that tocotrienols are effective in the fight of all these types of cancer.

They deliver many times more antioxidant activity than tocopherols. The reason is their chemical structure. They have a smaller head and a smaller tail and therefore, are able to move around faster and more efficiently.

How Do Tocotrienols Work?

They work by neutralising free radicals that attack your body. Free radicals are caused by many things, including pollution, herbicides, smoking, eating fatty food or drinking sugary drinks. A build up of free radicals in your body can cause illness and major health problems.


Unfortunately, tocotrienols are not widely available in our diet. Small amounts are found in rice, coconut, and palm oil. Annatto seeds on the other hand have been found to contain large quantities, but they are more difficult to get hold of.

However, there is a nutritional supplement produced by Kyani that contains tocotrienols derived from annatto seeds. So, if you want to take advantage of the major antioxidant benefits, it is recommended to include Kyani Sunset supplement in your diet.

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